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I'm tired of Rockstar acting like theyre so damn cool...

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  3. I'm tired of Rockstar acting like theyre so damn cool...
2 years ago#71
MGS5PhantomPain posted...
zyrax2301 posted...
I want an entertaining and diverse range of things to do in a free-roam game, yes. Especially considering that's how the games present themselves, as a chaotic romp where everything is wacky and unexpected.

That's strange, my friend and I STILL play the freeroam mode to this day and always find entertainment from it. I guess we just don't need the immature randomness of Saints Row to be entertained.

Wait a minute...reading over this again makes it look like we're talking about GTA.

I was talking about Saint's Row. Misunderstanding ho!
Why? Because **** you is why.
2 years ago#72
RoxasANobody posted...
AssaultMonkey9 posted...
It will have gritty, down to earth cutscenes of awkward looking facial structures using profanities and yelling at each other, then I go into the car and drive to the blue dot on my radar and kill all the red dot people.

This is actually a pretty good representation of what all Grand Theft Auto games turn out to be.

you could pretty much say thatt about gta, saints row, red dead, cod, battlefield, assassins creed, a bunch of games. they all have a cutscene, going from point A to B, killing enemy, rinse and repeat.
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  3. I'm tired of Rockstar acting like theyre so damn cool...

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