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Is Eternal Sonata good.

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2 years ago#1
It got some good reviews.

But I don't know if i'll like it, I didn't like Ni no kuni or Tales of Graces f. I liked Xillia 1&2, and Tales of symphonia though.
2 years ago#2
It's one of the better jrpgs that i've played this gen. Definitely try it out.
2 years ago#3
It's the JRPG this gen with the most charm.
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2 years ago#4
I liked it. The combat system is fun and a bit different with how it tries to incorporate both turn based combat and action rpg elements. Though the ps3 version can be a bit brutal in terms of difficulty when it comes to bosses(you better learn how to block or your going down, FAST)

I haven't beaten it yet, but the story is nice. but there is one flaw to it. The characters talk way too much. really too much,

the Visuals and music is great though.
overall, I say I like it from what I've played(though then again, I loved Tales of Graces F which I think is one of my fav tales game and fav ps3 rpgs so my taste will probably differ from yours)
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2 years ago#5
I played it on 360 but here it my take

The combat is pretty fun. The light/dark gimmick makes combat interesting and the changed to the battle system seem like it makes combat worse but it actually it not that bad and since it takes away time to strategize before an attack to give you the ability to chain attacks for insane damage. Its all prettygood.

The story is decent i guess, nothing special and the characters do indeed talk to much and its cutscene heavy. The story is also a bit preachy and gets a bit boring being so long winded.

The music is freaking fantastic being Chopin and all, the graphics also very nice and have nice cell shading.

Another bad thing though is there are probably about 10 enemies or so, no more than 15, and stronger ones are just reskins of older ones.

Overall its pretty neat though, just had some flaws.
2 years ago#6
Varron posted...
It's the JRPG this gen with the most charm.


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2 years ago#7
No trophies kind of turned me off to the game.
2 years ago#8
Way better than good, it was great. The combat system was hella fun. I beat it and enjoyed it very much. A beautiful gem.
2 years ago#9
Ihategoldenrods posted...
No trophies kind of turned me off to the game.

The Xbox 360 version has achievements, so it's always an option if you own both systems.

As for the game itself, it's definitely not the best JRPG I played but it wasn't that bad. Just the story and characters are rather... forgettable.
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2 years ago#10
no RPG or JRPG this gen is better than Xenoblade
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