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Who is the toughest video game boss ever? Optional or otherwise?

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User Info: radical rhino

radical rhino
3 years ago#21
Not counting rpg bosses which are only tough because you haven't grinded enough ...

Grunty from Banjo Tooie. Only game I never finished.
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User Info: methosagain

3 years ago#22
Loki, Ghouls and Ghost
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User Info: ARMs7777

3 years ago#23
The survival mode boss of arcana hearts 3. Infinite Supers and Combos that kills you in 1 hit from long distance or short distance. Lots of invinsiblities in her move. Fast and teleports all over the place.

User Info: star_guy_100

3 years ago#24
elizabeth from persona 3. doesnt matter if you are level 99. even with the perfect strategy, you need a lot of luck. and if you dont have luck, you wasted like an hour of your time

User Info: shadowcat2164

3 years ago#25
the boss you fight in the car on resident evil on professional with the AI partner is beyond frustrating.

User Info: MoonlightSword

3 years ago#26
star ocean 2's boss with limiter removed or maybe demifiend in digital devil saga... both were very tough (without looking at a guide like everything else)
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User Info: justchill433

3 years ago#27
Vergil from DMC3. On some of the harder difficulties he will destroy you.
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User Info: Skull007o_O

3 years ago#28
Yeah, with demi-fiend you can be a god but you'll need luck if you wanna win. Gaea rage is insane

I'm still waiting for Nocturne 2 though, what a fine game

User Info: Thermador446

3 years ago#29
Aries was just ridiculous on normal.
Harder modes have got to be insane.
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User Info: XMonkeySniperX

3 years ago#30
Came in to say the same as TC.
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