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Favorite Final Fantasy song?

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3 years ago#71
FF1-Chaos Battle (PSX versions and later only)
FF4-Boss Theme
FF6-Dancing Mad
FF7-Battle Theme
FF8-Battle Theme
FF9-Hunters Chance
FFX-Hymn of the Fayth
FFTactics-Unavoidable Battle
3 years ago#72
The Landing - FFVIII
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3 years ago#73
from Final Fantasy X

Yuna's Theme, Rikku's theme, Zanarkand, Fight with Seymour(final battle against him)
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3 years ago#74
I love Freya's Theme, Mystery Sword, The Dark Messenger, and The Extreme. My absolute favorite has to be Rose of May/Loss of me (I can never remember which is the correct name). That song is beautiful.
3 years ago#75
Battle 2 from FF4.

I like most boss themes from FF's. But another of my favorites are the theme songs for characters in FF10. Terra's "Awakening" in FF6 is also a favorite.
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3 years ago#76
VII's Boss theme was awesome, Eyes on Me from VIII as well...But number 1 for me has got to be Terra's Theme from VI
3 years ago#77
Tough choice, but I'd go with this one:
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3 years ago#78
I'd say Otherworld or To Zanarkand are my favorites. But I also enjoy Cosmo Canyon and Servants of the Mountain
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3 years ago#79
A very difficult question.

Battle Music: FF4 - Final Battle
Non-Battle music: FF6 - Celes' theme (without the silly opera singing) or FF7 - Main Theme
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3 years ago#80
Searching for Friends from Final Fantasy 6
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