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Ps3 games with the worst framerate?

#31ReeNoiPPosted 5/3/2013 9:06:32 AM
Habefiet posted...

Special shoutouts to inFAMOUS though. Got down pretty low indeed during intense moments

Really? Anywhere in particular? I don't remember any slow down.

Anyway, Malicious has extreme issues.
Dragon age origins and Mass Effect 3 has some really bad drops as well.
#32SamA7XPosted 5/3/2013 2:34:35 PM
Fallout 3 is easily the worst in my opinion, It was annoying to because when the framerate droped it had a high chance of crashing, I lost count how many times it crashed on me, its probably in the hundreds
#33Stefa777Posted 5/3/2013 2:34:57 PM
Heavenly Sword from what I've seen anyway.
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#34Lost_All_SensesPosted 5/3/2013 2:40:21 PM
da_StoOge posted...
Silent Hill Downpour.

So bad it dropped to single digits every few seconds.

Sadly this. Love the game though.
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#35Pawkie07Posted 5/3/2013 2:42:47 PM
Zone of Enders HD Collection
#36ShadowOfTheKmanPosted 5/3/2013 3:37:59 PM
Far Cry 3
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