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Trophy question

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User Info: no2morro

3 years ago#11
Depends, some games share trophies.

I have the asian Mass Effect 3, and I got the PAL version free on PS+. When I fired up the PAL version, it said I had 40%.

If there are a different set of trophies, you will see two sets. I have that for Demon's Souls, I HAD the Asian version about 3 years back, and I sold my PS3 and it together. I bought a PS3 again a year or so back and bought the PAL version, and now i have two trophy sets for Demon's Souls; both at different percentages of completion.

Anyway long story short, depends on the game (as others have said).
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User Info: Warhawk

3 years ago#12
3D3 posted...
Warhawk posted...
As far as I know, yeah.

Nice user name

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