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Anyone love Jak And Daxter 1 but not 2 and 3.

#1SexPantherPandaPosted 5/4/2013 1:02:08 AM
Replaying 2 right now reminds me of how tedious it was. It tried to be some platforming/shooter hybrid. But Ratchet and Clank did it SO MUCH BETTER. They should have stuck to pure platforming.
#2danny_S_06Posted 5/4/2013 1:04:54 AM
I think 3 is a lot better than 2.

2 had dem checkpoints.
#3Wildchild37Posted 5/4/2013 1:07:46 AM
Agreed. I picked up the HD Trilogy after only playing Jak II on PS2. Jak & Daxter was incredible and had me hooked, but Jak II I doubt I'll even complete. The driving is terrible and the city is bland, but when you're out of the city doing the usual platforming it's still as fun.

Crazy difficulty spikes too - the mission where you have to escape the slums is so tedious.
#4Ace_DefectivePosted 5/4/2013 1:08:06 AM
2 was the best for me. Would've liked 3 more if it weren't for the random Jak x Ashelin and awful plot twist at the end
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#5stawg007Posted 5/4/2013 2:04:05 AM
2 was my favourite but I loved all 3

And Ipeople really need to stop comparing Jaks combat with ratchets

Ratchets main focus is combat and is a much smaller linear game(not a bash, I love ratchet,, that's how they're meant to be) so of course it should have better combat than Jak

Jak has a hell of a lot more going on and is a fairly large open world in both 2 and 3 so expecting combat to be on Ratchet level is asking for a lot

I thought it pulled of the blend of platformer/hybrid perfectly but just in a different way to Ratchet

As for staying pure platformer, no thanks, I loved Jak 1 and I'm replaying it now and still love it but I can't play it long without getting bored
#6NovaKaneXPosted 5/4/2013 2:48:06 AM
J&D1 was great when I played it 10 years ago. When I bought the collection this year, it was just decent. Great lookin' game still, but the gameplay felt boring and dated.

Jak 2 was a pain in the ass, but story was way better. The gunplay could've been a lot tighter, inconsistent difficulty, brutal checkpoint system and no fast travel feature. The vehicles were fragile as hell too.

Jak 3 was decent, no real improvements on the controls. The driving was a nightmare. They toned down the difficulty way too much. Story was meh.

It's an ok series overall. They have nothin' on the first three R&C games though.
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#7AgghysonPosted 5/4/2013 2:54:44 AM
I fully agree, bought the HD collection, I had a blast with JAK 1 and got the platinum. I'm maybe a third in Jak 2 and probably won't touch it ever again. Can't comment on Jak 3 as I was waiting to finish Jak 2 first.
#8TheRavenKCPosted 5/4/2013 3:09:51 AM
I loved the first one, but Jak 2 was terrible.
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#9TauriLeaderPosted 5/4/2013 3:29:29 AM
I love Jak and Daxter. It is one of my favourite games in my youth.

Jak 2 I never completed when it first came out as I kept dying on the mission with the walking bombs. I played Jak 2 HD and I am still stuck on that mission.

I never played Jak 3 because I never finished 2.
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#10Lockheart34Posted 5/4/2013 3:34:15 AM(edited)
There is a reason why Jak 2 and 3 suck. Naughty Dog don't do good open world games.

Crash Bandicoot series - Good, linear
Uncharted series - Good, linear
The Last of Us - Guess what? It's linear so will probably be good.
Jak 1 - Good, linear
Jak 2 - Less linear, "open world" with boring open world aspects. Good one ND.
Jak 3 - Same as Jak 2, now with more ZOOOOM and desert buggy action.
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