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help describing a title and the gameplay

#1MetroidHunter13Posted 5/4/2013 8:54:12 PM
so my brother finally got a ps3, and he was asking for me co-op titles to play with his girlfriend.

i suggested Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One to him; my fiancee and i played for a couple of hours one afternoon, and had a blast.

i couldnt think of a way to describe what the gameplay is like, or what other game it closest resembles.

i swear ive played some other game that is nearly identical, but i cant seem to think of what it is.

can anyone help me form a solid description for it?
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#2MetroidHunter13(Topic Creator)Posted 5/4/2013 9:46:56 PM
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#3123kronus123Posted 5/4/2013 9:51:24 PM
Maybe Jak? Havenīt played either but they seem to have similar gameplay.
#4JuanZoloPosted 5/4/2013 9:55:11 PM
Just tell him you jump around Fantastical levels as Goofy characters and shoot Goofy enemies for Gold Bolts so you can level up your Goofy guns so you can shoot Goofy enemies better than you could before.
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#5Bolc56Posted 5/4/2013 10:14:35 PM
Was it one of the marvel ultimate alliance or X-men Legends games?