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Questions about Bioshock Infinite ps3 ver. (SPOILERS)

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3 years ago#1
I already beat the game so say whatever.

BTW I do love Bioshock Infinite. I'm not not really in full sync with the gameplay just yet.

1. How the hell do you use possession on machines effectively? I mean hacking in Bioshock was much more useful (unless im doing something wrong?) once you hacked a machine it was yours forever. None of this time limit crap. Sometimes the splicers would hack it back but that was rare even on survivor.

2. Ok so...I got the season pass, got all of the infusions. Does this work like Bioshock 1 where you will only get the trophy for beating a difficulty if you start on a complete new game? Does this game even have new game plus? I beat it but haven't "continued" that save yet. I started a new game on hard instead. Also, im confused about gold guns. I have the gold machine gun...I think. Will EVERY machine gun i pick up be gold now? or am i supposed to buy the gold upgrade and dont even have the gold gun and am just tripping? seriously wtf im confused

3. Which vigors do you think are the most useful throughout most of the game and why? Are any of them OP? I miss using telekinesis to shoot explosive barrels at splicers/big daddies in bioshock. I don't think there is anything as powerful as that in this game. am i wrong?

4. So...since upgrades are ****ing expensive, should i focus on only upgrading 1-2 guns only? on a hard run through?

5. Whats harder? 1999 or bioshock survivor no vita chambers?
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3 years ago#2
PS3, Vita, 3DS. PSN: xLionhartx
The official Main Character of SMT
3 years ago#3
1. Possession is a Vigor, not a hacking skill. You can't have a machine hacked forever with it. It is especially useful though on harder difficulties. Toss it at sentry guns or Patriots and they'll fight for you. use it on a vending machine and it spits out extra cash.

2. There is no new game+. You can unlock the trophy for the lower difficulty by beating a higher one, so beating 1999 mode should unlock the hard trophy. Gold guns stay gold because they are DLC, i believe. You would have to un-install it to get rid of them.

3. I personally like Murder of Crows and Possession.

4. On hard difficulties, the Shotgun should be your main weapon and fully upgraded. Your secondary weapon can be anything you want, but the Sniper Rifle is recommended.

5. i haven't started 1999 mode yet, but i hear it's not as hard as bioshock survivor, mainly because you are allowed to come back to life when you die.
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3 years ago#4
Survivor is easier because of save anywhere. Once you max Charge 1999 is a joke anyways.
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