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Turns out Dead Island is better than Borderlands.

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User Info: MourningReigns

3 years ago#31
I actually found Dead Island a ton more fun to play than both Borderlands 1 & 2. Melee combat is much more fun than shooting everything with guns that do exactly the same thing, but try to seem different.

I had to make myself finish BL2 with a friend, but I actually wanted to keep playing Dead Island.

In fact, I actually stopped playing BL2 back in December, and finally finished it 2 days ago...and my friend and I were on the last mission.

Both had very tedious missions though, but BL2 had a lot bigger area of land with nothing in it except for enemies that respawned to just get annoying.
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User Info: shawnmck

3 years ago#32
I fully enjoyed both games, but it really depends on what you you prefer shooting, then Borderlands is your game....if you prefer a more melee oriented game, then Dead Island is your game.

I myself favor Dead Island a little bit more, but that's because Borderlands gets just a bit too repetitive. But I enjoy them both...but it depends on what I feel like playing. Sometimes I just want to shoot some stuff...other times I want to kill some zombies in a totally gruesome yet satisfying way.

In Borderlands you pretty much just shoot everything.
But in Dead Island, you can sever limbs by using a sharp weapon (machete, sword, axe, etc)...or you can break bones by using a blunt weapon (hammer, pipe, bat, etc)....or you can set them all on fire with a moltov, or explode them with grenades.
So the combat just feels a bit more satisfying in Dead Island.
But like i said, it just depends on what I feel like playing.

^ But that's just my opinion.
Both are very good games...although Dead Island gets a lot of undeserved hate, imho.

User Info: mogar002

3 years ago#33
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User Info: smurphyzeke

3 years ago#34
Have yet to play Borderlands, though I loved Dead Island, beat it in 27 hours over 5 days.
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User Info: KabtheMentat

3 years ago#35
From: coolsurfer800 | #006
Still__Rippin posted...
Both were fantastic but l preferred Borderlands because of the loot system. Which is also why Borderlands 2 is trash.

What did they change about the loot system in Borderlands 2?

The only thing they really changed was make the weapons somewhat more varied.

I suppose that's why some don't like it. It's much harder to find that PERFECT gun you want. You constantly have to make a trade off in some area vs. another.
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