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How did Final Fantasy 1 save Squaresoft?

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User Info: shinra35800

3 years ago#41
FF1 is still a great game. Especially the ps1 and psp versions. It's the music and feel.

User Info: majin nemesis

majin nemesis
3 years ago#42
maybe the reason it looks bland now it's because the game was made 26 years ago
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User Info: chestershadow

3 years ago#43
Sinfullyvannila posted...
IMO, best to worst 8-Bits are 2>1>3.

3 is the worst FF by a VERY large margin.

I'll agree there, although the ds remake of 3 salvaged it from being the worst. 13 as a series is without a doubt the worst in the ff series besides the original version of 14 (not that any of the FF mmo's were all that good to begin with).

User Info: UnderratedGamer

3 years ago#44
antoinejones posted...
Im sure it wasnt the first console JRPG... and the game is so bland... no story at all (just a small intro at the beginning) the rest is a 20 hour dungeon crawl. I dont see how a game like this was enough to save Square when Im sure it had been done before.

This has got to be the most laugh-out-loud explanation of all time.

Welcome to 3rd gen RPG's, where standards of RPG gaming are very limited.
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