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PS+ questions

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3 years ago#1
I signed up a few days ago for a year, and I had some questions.

1. I turned on auto update, and when I turned it on the next day it said it only updated 3 games. Does it only do what it can during the 2 hour period that it's on?

2. I had updates scheduled for 4-6am. When I checked it at 7am, it was still running. Does it stay on until it finishes the current update? I realize some file sizes are big, and sometimes it doesn't download that fast.

3. Is there a way to select what it will and won't update? Every update so far are for old games I no longer have and play, such as Black Ops 1. I feel it's a waste of bandwidth, storage and time to be downloading updates I don't need.

That's all for now. Thanks everyone for your time and help. Take care :)
Jesus is Lord
3 years ago#2
3) Go to the game data utility and delete game data for games you no longer intend to play.
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3 years ago#3
it will only update the last ten games you last played.

it will only update a maximum of 3 games per night.

it will stay on until the updates are over.
3 years ago#4
Thanks for the help, InfernoSD. Unfortunately, I didn't have any game data for that game. I always delete that stuff when I get rid of a game. I checked other usernames, and they all show the same data so it's not like it is from another user.
Jesus is Lord
3 years ago#5
Thank you Bebop242. That was very informative and I will remember that information. Slowly but Shirley, I will know all the ins and outs of PS+!
Jesus is Lord
3 years ago#6
Any ideas on the other questions?
Jesus is Lord
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