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Are you a PS Plus subscriber?

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User Info: SonicMonkeys

3 years ago#21
Can't really pick either answer.

I'm subscribed until 2015, but I've never paid a dime to do so and don't plan on doing so in the future either. And I don't backup my saves on the cloud because I don't feel the need to when I can save it to my 1 TB backup HDD.

So I'm subscribed but not really a subscriber, and I don't use cloud saves.
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User Info: Jiek_Fafn

3 years ago#22
I became a subscriber when they added vita stuff in the mix. The PS3 stuff plus the Vita stuff made it worth the price for me.
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User Info: SDFan18

3 years ago#23
Yup, until August anyways.
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User Info: NovaKaneX

3 years ago#24
I got it free due to IGN's screw up last year. It expires next in june 2014. Been eatin' really good off of PS+. Especially since I have a Vita. Thanks IGN!
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User Info: EmiliaTheSage

3 years ago#25
Jx1010 posted...
Brocken_Jr posted...
wstfld posted...
From: Brocken_Jr | #004
yeah but i got a year free so thats why i am one. ive been a member almost 2 years and never payed once.


all i remember was one of the years free i got, ign, god forbid i ever have to go there again, gave free 30 day ps+ codes to download the playstation all star battle royal beta. i signed up 12 times.


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User Info: mooooo99

3 years ago#26
yup, i have havent played all of the free games but the cloud storage and overnight updates definitely make it worth the money..

User Info: este914

3 years ago#27
Those options are so flawed. How about neither?
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User Info: echa_One

3 years ago#28
I'm not a subscriber.

I lost my saves before cloud saving was around. I thought it was gonna be devastating, but it wasn't really a big deal as I thought it would be. Now I know I won't mind losing my current saves if my ps3 should crap out again (hopefully not).
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User Info: ChubbierTube

3 years ago#29
My subscription is paid through summer of 2015
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User Info: Anodyne11

3 years ago#30
Yes I am and I get a lot of enjoyment out of my subscription.
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