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Does Sony own console gaming?

#11Ray_d2nerdPosted 5/17/2013 12:43:28 PM
metfan57 posted...
PhaseSlaethe posted...
pokemon_45_79_1 posted...
if you have nothing positive to say don't post anything at all.

First, that applies to everyone on this site. Even you.

Second, it is a worthless idea to begin with. NOBODY bothers to say only positive things. The world isn't built on rainbows.

reminds me of myself saying the same thing to my mom at age 9, was a bad idea.

Why? As long as she ain't living in Whimsyshire and as long as she ain't a pop tart cat farting rainbows, it's true!
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#12RollingCradlePosted 5/17/2013 12:45:12 PM
Being in dead last place for 7 years means Sony got owned.
#13kcypher2000Posted 5/17/2013 1:55:26 PM
During the ps1 and 2 era i would agree that Sony dominated the market but their brand value went to hell this gen. Ps3 is in last place and lost all the profits from the ps2 and Sony lost all their third party support which showcases how weak their first party titles are except for GT. look at the flopping vita as proof of how bad theyre name has fallen.
#14PhaseSlaethePosted 5/17/2013 1:56:39 PM
The Vita isn't failing by being a Sony product.

It is failing because Sony is failing its product.

Sony is barely supporting it, so why should Third-Parties bother?