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Better story-based game series: MGS or Yakuza?

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User Info: Mutant1988

3 years ago#11

Simply because the plot of those games are set in motion by characters with actual motivations rather than being caused by a secret conspiracy's attempt to control the world.
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User Info: pb409

3 years ago#12
I'm a huge MGS fan but I gotta go with Yakuza on this. MGS has become so convoluted in the story with some parts just plain ridiculous that I no longer find the story to be of any consequence (still awesome gameplay though). Yakuza, however, has had good story in every single installment. I just wish Y5 would get localized here cause I heard 5 has the best story out of the series.

User Info: bloodcoast

3 years ago#13
Yakuza. MGS series has good story overall, but the process to reach there can be quite dire with the long cutscenes and very imaginative things. When I play through it, I have to take breaks to digest the information and just have a break from it. For Yakuza, the overall story is not as amazing as MGS', but I always played to look forward to what will happen next. There are many moments when I felt moved from the main story as well as side quests.

User Info: Brocken_Jr

3 years ago#14
yakuza. it has no nano machines. i think part 4 of mgs f***ed up the story entirely with this nano machine bull****
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User Info: ISquat600lbs

3 years ago#15
I rate MGS 1-4 highly but Peace Walker was average and Rising has a garbage story. Yakuza 1-4 had really good stories but can't comment on the rest as I never played Dead Souls because everyone said it sucked and the rest never made it out of Japan.

I'm going with MGS, but Yakuza 5 could well be much better than MGS V if they make that one with a story on Peace Walker's level.
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