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3 years ago#21
I'd recommend Final Fantasy IV, V and VI, all Advance. Maybe IV DS instead of IV Advance.

Though I got into the series in the PlayStation era and I absolutely love it.
3 years ago#22
Tactics all the way.

And I mean the original, not the GBA/DS spinoffs.
3 years ago#23
FF1+2+3+4 on PSP: 1 + 2 have been significantly dumbed down but got extra dungeons. 3 is a remastered FF3 DS with some minor tweaks, 4 includes its sequel + extra chapters that link the two. PSP easily has the prettier versions of these games.

FF1+2 on PSX: These are the versions closer to the originals in terms of gameplay. This is especially important for FF1, but you're better off playing the dumbed down version of FF2 on the PSP since the Soul of Rebirth added content is nothing short of amazing.

FF4 on DS: A pretty clumsy looking adaption into 3D with added voice acting and some gameplay tweaks. It is okay, but does not include the sequel.

FF5+6 on GBA: Have some extra content, but animate and sound worse than their SNES versions due to GBA.

FF5+6 on PSX: Hardly any extra content, but at least they don't look worse than their original versions.
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3 years ago#24
In FFIV's case, the psp version is the best version out there. Some will argue that the DS/iPhone/Android version is better, but it's personal preference. The PSP versions is definitely the best version that maintains the original's style.

FFVI... the easiest way to get the best version (which is the original) is to get it off of the Wii's virtual console. Can also be bought from the Wii U through the Wii channel. The PSN version suffers from some serious loading issues, and the GBA version isn't really playable on anything these days.

FFV is tricky... the original SNES game was never in english, so it's not on the Wii's virtual console. GBA isn't really an option these days, and the PSN version has some pretty serious load time issues, although not as bad as FFVI's. Honestly I'd just about say the iPhone version is just about the best you can currently buy, but the PSN version isn't that bad.
3 years ago#25
Playstation ports are bad because the screens take forever to load. The SNES could load them almost instantly. You will wait ataleast 7 to 10 seconds for each loading screen in the ps1 ports.
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