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Has there ever been a game developer that actually cared about the fans

#41chaochaomanPosted 6/9/2013 9:57:58 PM
Is Level 5 a developer? They seem like a pretty cool guy.
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#42VenomRECPosted 6/9/2013 9:59:01 PM
Did Trion make Defiance? You send them an email & then you notice the next patch has your idea & fix, i think that is cool.
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#43The_MPerPosted 6/9/2013 10:00:41 PM
jrr18 posted...
bioware with there free DLC on Mass effect 3

LOL to both.
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#44king_maddenPosted 6/9/2013 10:02:05 PM
none of them "care", but they care in a way that will give them the most money.

they know how simple minded gamers are, and try to capitalize off that. want fans to think you care, release a game and sya something like "dlc should be free", or something a long the lines of "i really just want customer feedback.", or maybe the old gem "we believe gaming should be about the players".

gamers eat that crap up. so now no matter what kind of game the company releases, the simple minded gamer will think "wow hes giving us everything for free", even though they can easily remove and cut content to save money.