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The pawns in dragons dogma are the best characters in video game history,

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2 years ago#1
Those dudes were the best. I still remember when we were near a tree, and one guy said something like "woah, that tree looks huge" and then we got closer and one of the others said "wow! it's even bigger up close!". The whole game was like having three really well behaved children and taking them to the zoo. They were always looking out for me. Telling me not to get too wet, or patting me on the back and consoling me if I ran too hard and got puffed out.

I've actually played a few games since then... Most notably I've been incredibly lonely in kingdoms of alamurrmrm and annoyed by jackassery in Last of us...

I miss my little pawn buddies...
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2 years ago#2
f*** the pawns, "lets be doubley sure that this road leads to gran soren" yeah, im f***in sure i checked 2 seconds ago, and know my way around by now... i turned off their voices and keep throwing peoples pawns online down rivers or kill them all.
2 years ago#3
If I ever hear the words "doubly" uttered by a person IRL so help me god it'll be the last thing they ever say after those damn pawns ...
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2 years ago#4
'Tis weak to fire!
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2 years ago#5
Tc you do realize they are far from the best system and ai then you claim right?

Lets see it takes forever for pawns to learn your tactics.
They repeat the same crap over and over.
Before the dlc it was very hard to change there personality type.
They could of easily followed dragon age for a much better tactics system and dragon sge 2 has the best companions system.

Capcom always leave something important out that could of been easily designed.
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2 years ago#6

and they ****** destroy every crate or something made out of wood they see
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2 years ago#7
"Be careful as not to break into someone else's home, Arisen"

*Pawns proceed to break every crate, wooden thing inside the house and snatch everything while I was just looking for a quest*

2 years ago#8
"Wolves hunt in packs!"
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2 years ago#9
This is hilarious.
2 years ago#10
yeah ...if you hire MY pawn.
''Riddle'' me this
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