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whats YOUR top 5 gaming series of all time

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3 years ago#1
1- Metal Gear Series
2- Castlevania Series
3- God of War Series
4- Time Splitters Series
5- Wild Arms Series

whats your favorite series of all time ?

I don't want the top rated series i want your opinion guys

it doesn't matter on which console or when it was released
3 years ago#2
Final Fantasy
Crash Bandicoot
Mega Man X
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3 years ago#3
Final Fantasy
Dragon Quest
Wild Arms
3 years ago#4
1. Metroid
2. Castlevania
3. Halo
4. Mass Effect
5. Final Fantasy
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3 years ago#5
Grand Theft Auto
Resident Evil
Saints Row
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3 years ago#6
Final Fantasy
Dragon Quest

In no order.
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3 years ago#7
Resident Evil (pre 'RE5)
Prince of Persia
Final Fantasy
3 years ago#8
1. SRW
2. Persona
3. Disgaea
4. Yakuza
5. Tales series
3 years ago#9
1. Final Fantasy
2. Suikoden
3. Tales
4. Xenosaga
5. Yakuza
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3 years ago#10
No order

Bokura no Taiyou(Boktai)
Megaman Battle Network
Hyperdimension Neptunia

I'm sure there are some i forgot that i would put in there
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