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whats YOUR top 5 gaming series of all time

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3 years ago#81
Duke Nukem
Metal Gear Solid
Probably some JRPGs, played a lot of those in the 90s, Secret of Mana and Final Fantasy kind of series
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3 years ago#82
1. Romance of the Three Kingdoms
2. Final Fantasy
3. NHL
4. Suikoden
5. GTA??

Very hard list to do for me
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3 years ago#83
1. Ace Attorney
2. Shin Megami Tensei (also including the spin-offs like Persona and Devil Survivor)
3. Viewtiful Joe
4. Ys
5. Crash Bandicoot
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3 years ago#84
Alltra posted...
Final Fantasy
Dragon Quest

In no order.

I really like your list.
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3 years ago#85

A couple of those franchises have been ruined this gen horribly (named FF and RE), but the damn excellent past entries still gets them on this list.

Honorable mentions: Shenmue, Chrono, Ace Combat, Dynasty Warriors, Donkey Kong Country, Onimusha, Soul Calibur, Need for Speed.
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3 years ago#86
Panzer Dragoon
Strikers 45
Phantasy Star
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3 years ago#87
4.The Elder Scrolls
3 years ago#88
1. Disgaea
2. Grandia
3. Street Fighter
4. Final Fantasy
5. Arcana Heart
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3 years ago#89
Darkstalkers, Sonic the hedgehog, Souls series, Megaman Legends, .Hack
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3 years ago#90
in no particular order

Monster hunter
Dynasty warriors
Dragon Age
Saints row
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