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need advice, get the 60 gig model repaird from sony for $130 or buy new for $299

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3 years ago#1
and posiibly 269 for a super slim modle i found bundled with the uncharted 3 game of the year addition.

so what should I do?
3 years ago#2
3 years ago#3
Why do you need to get it fixed?

nvm, read your other topics.

don't send it, it will only be temporary anyway, either buy a new one or a used one in good shape if you can't fix it yourself.
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3 years ago#4
get the slim model
the cooling system (or whatever) is better on the slim model
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3 years ago#5
This is up to you if you want to do this. I did it and I was happy with it!

I had the 60GB myself too and the thing was loud for no reason after 10min of use while being on the XMB. I ended up having to turn up the volume on my TV to get past how loud the thing was.

I originally thought that by sending it in, I'd probably and most likely get my thermal paste replaced and possibly get new fans replace or even cleaned out, so who knows how long it'll last before it got to the point where it was now. I'd have to shell out $130 to get it "repaired" for these reasons, but Sony offered me something over the phone.

Sony said that if I wanted to, I can trade my 60GB PS3 to them and get a refurbished 160GB Slim (3001A model) back for $100 (this is the last model they had for the slim before they went to the Super Slim). I took that deal and have never been happier - I got back a better performing system that's slimmer, quieter, not loud at all, more reliable, and a tad faster than my 60GB was. The only thing that I kinda am upset over is the loss of backwards compatibility.

I mean, I still have a PS2, but I don't feel like hooking it up lol. Not to mention that the 60GB was also a gift, but in the long run, I think I made the right choice.
3 years ago#6
they said that offer is only for americans im canadian...
3 years ago#7
guys what should i do!
3 years ago#8
when my 60 gig died Sony sold me a new slim plus a game of my choice (that sony published), for $100 plus my broken system.

call them. thats all i did.
3 years ago#9
yea but are you american they offerd that to me and they said wait this is only for americans.. so were you canadain?
3 years ago#10
oh sry, i didnt notice the previous post
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  3. need advice, get the 60 gig model repaird from sony for $130 or buy new for $299

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