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So since Ellen Page looks like she's 12, can we consider Beyond: Two Souls Loli?

#11Evil_GogetaPosted 6/25/2013 7:38:04 AM
Its considered a special game that if you complete it, you get injected with 4 different strains of the aids virus!
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#12Junpei_StupeiPosted 6/25/2013 7:47:07 AM(edited)
Lolis only come from Japan.

Plus, she looks like a man:

You people have a sickening taste.

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#13toadiemanPosted 6/25/2013 7:45:56 AM
Beyond 2 Lolis: The Movie
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#14Perma-n00b(Topic Creator)Posted 6/25/2013 7:58:16 AM
toadieman posted...
Beyond 2 Lolis: The Movie

I also loved her in Loliception. And hell if they would've out her in Lolipop Chainsaw, it would've given new meaning to the game and make it the best game ever.