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Will Sony show the new PS3 models on the Gamescom or TGS?

#1Albert1285Posted 6/26/2013 8:06:25 PM
A few days ago Sony filled some certifications in South Korea for 2 new PS3 models that apparently could be slightly modified versions of the "Super Slim PS3s" with smaller nanometer architecture, less power consumption, and better cooling.


So does anyone think they will present these new models in any of those game fairs?

Rumors say that this new model might have a 22nm Cell Processor. Here's the imame that everybody thinks why it may have it.

I was going to buy a PS3 because mine broke in March, but now after reading that I think I'm gonna wait, the thing is I'd like to know when Sony will release this new version. Hopefully it all goes just like last year, I remember that by the end of June 2012 there was the cerfitication for PS3 Super Slim , and in the TGS they showed it and release it.
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#2este914Posted 6/26/2013 8:07:20 PM
I doubt anything will come of this
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