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Why do FF devs feel the need to change their combat system away from Turn Base

#1naedaePosted 6/28/2013 9:00:26 AM
If it ain't broken, don't fix it?

What's with all of the experimenting , specifically those who make Final Fantasy games?? Why try something new that your original fans don't even recognize, and then complain about the sales when it ends up being ****

I mean really. In general, none of the old classic Final Fantasy games have really failed. For example, you will have a large amount of diversity in opinion when asking about a group of people's favorite Final Fantasy game from the ps1/ps2 era. A good amount will say FF7, another large amount will say FFX, another large amount will say FF9, etc.

So again, I ask, why can't the Final Fantasy devs continue to do what made their game's so fun? Why can't they switch back to Turn Based and leave the Kingdom Hearts combat for another series???
#2roxas9001Posted 6/28/2013 9:13:26 AM
Why do you feel the need to whine about "change"
#3SieKensouPosted 6/28/2013 9:16:28 AM
there's a ton of different battle system formats amongst jrpg yet FF only has a small variant of them (even though it's such a long running series)
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#4Godly_GoofPosted 6/28/2013 9:19:50 AM
FF games have always been changing its combat and game mechanics. Nothing new :/
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#5ATTACK__CATPosted 6/28/2013 10:37:37 AM(edited)
personally I like both, what I don't understand is the idea 'action rpg = good turn based = bad'.

I just don't understand the mentality.

turn based rpgs are pretty much the only type of turn based game these days (excluding some strategy games)... action games are all over the place. CoD is an action game.

why replace something unique with something mediocre and overused? and why can't you make both?

do one action one turn based or something... looking at it as square enix seems to (based on there press statements etc) is its action or nothing... 'action is the future' and whatnot.

action is the future in the same way FPS's are the future. they exist now, they will exist then. conversely turn based looks to be dying out for no good reason.

if FF keeps going this way I don't look forward to when its just CoD but 3rd person with swords.

I like action, and i like turn based... in the same way that I like ice cream and I like steak. I don't want all the ice cream makers saying 'ice cream is nice... but don't you want steak? we will make you some steak ice cream... steak ice cream is the future, I mean think about it... a LOT of people like steak'

just because a lot of people like steak (and action games ike CoD/uncharted) doesn't mean ALL GAMES should be like CoD or uncharted. each game has its own target audience and its own niche to fill.

final fantasy fans don't want CoD with 3rd person and swords we want deep meaningful combat that is hard to deliver in action rpgs.
#6FooFighters25Posted 6/28/2013 10:38:02 AM
Thank God for Fire Emblem and Tales.
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#7shinra35800Posted 6/28/2013 10:38:07 AM
To appeal to a wider fanbase to get more money. I remember ppl back in the day use to watch me play FF and say "this sucks, you HAVE to let them hit you".
#8justchill433Posted 6/28/2013 10:38:47 AM
The combat systems are not the problem with recent and future FFs. FF13 had a good combat system. FF15 has a cool looking combat system. In fact, the only crappy combat system imo was FF12's.
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#9naedae(Topic Creator)Posted 6/28/2013 11:55:45 AM
shinra35800 posted...
To appeal to a wider fanbase to get more money. I remember ppl back in the day use to watch me play FF and say "this sucks, you HAVE to let them hit you".

eh, still a dumb reason for the devs. they were getting a lot of $ as is.
#10WiiareVenomPosted 6/28/2013 11:56:07 AM
They wanted to make a game that plays like Advent Children I guess. Doesn't mean they are changing it forever, could be just for one game. That was announced seven years ago.
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