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No wonder gaming is looked down upon Society

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3 years ago#1
Look at todays poll...
Grand Theft Auto is the most wanted game this summer....

Really people?
The most desired game is one of a criminal, thug, thief, low life, drug dealer who goes
around picking up prostitudes and shooting people on the streets.

Your desire is to play a game as the scum of society..... But fail to realize why society
looks down upon gaming??

3 years ago#2
This topic is a great work in progress
3 years ago#3
People hate Capcom for their DLC practices....
Deosn't anyone remember the 6 Megaman games on one console, that were literally the equivalent of DLC?
3 years ago#4
You're looking forward to playing as the scum of society as much as the rest of us. You aren't fooling anybody!
3 years ago#5
I would love to see TC gaming collection.

Here's the games aren't real and don't reflect realistic moral choices. I'm not killing or robbing real humans they are pixels, light, and imagination. When a character in a game dies I feel nothing unless there is an XP or loot penalty. I don't empathize with the cops I kill, stores I rob or hooker I beat down and take their money, it's all fantasy. In real life I'm a caring and generous person. I look out for my fellow people. I donate my time to charities and try to make my place on this planet a little better.
I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed, or numbered! My life is my own.
3 years ago#6
reminds me of the times when i play dynasty warriors and slaughter 1000 men and think "hey what about all their families?".
"Hans! Look alive! Take the helm! We'll show that fishbowl thing how real men of the sea retreat!" -Captain of the Thames, Xenogears
(message deleted)
(message deleted)
3 years ago#9
*grabs popcorn*
3 years ago#10
Sputnick99 posted...
*grabs popcorn*

Don't let it get stale, like this topic.
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