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Most overdue series sequel

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User Info: k69Degrees

3 years ago#31
Superman 64

User Info: Phophenomenon

3 years ago#32
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User Info: ericsamuel1990

3 years ago#33
legend of dragon plz

User Info: ericsamuel1990

3 years ago#34
legend of dragoon plz

User Info: dhg1978

3 years ago#35
Strider 3 & Phantasy Star V.
A second Skies of Arcadia would be great too.
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User Info: echoesman

3 years ago#36
Would love a Freedom Fighters game to come out :(

User Info: Sputnick99

3 years ago#37
I was gonna post Earthbound, but you beat me to it.

User Info: SettaWorldTeeth

3 years ago#38
I would say Medievil 3 but only if they kept it to it's original gothic style and not cartoony BS.

User Info: Dark_Link92

3 years ago#39
Dark Cloud!
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User Info: snaggleoooo

3 years ago#40
Star Wars Battlefront. So, so stoked they announced a new one at E3. It's been far too long. Also Suikoden.
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