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Just because a people like something and you don't doesn't make it overrated...

#1okamhunitePosted 7/1/2013 7:34:33 PM
The term overrated is used a bit too much IMO, I feel it shouldn't exist. I like plenty of popular games and also dislike quite a few as well. Example, I played The Last of Us recently and am willing to call it my favorite game of all time yet people tell me I have bad taste because of the save game glitch ruined the whole thing for them or because they just couldn't have fun, I understand the save game glitch but there are ways around it. Anyways, my taste is my own and get over it, I hate Bioshock Infinite because I think the story is overly dramatic and fails to make a proper point. Even with this though I will not call the game overrated because I can understand why people would like it, it has well written dialogue and it is obvious they gave an effort in to making it.

Here is another example, I can't get into the Uncharted series or most of the Zelda games. I hate Uncharted because I don't want to play as a character who I see as a sociopath, not to mention a lot of the stuff that happens in that game just doesn't make sense or I think is stupid... but it is very very fun. The only Zelda game that I do actually really like is Twilight Princess, most of the rest just bored me but I believe they are still good games. Now in terms of games I love, they are, Okami, Shadow of the Colossus and Journey. I hear a lot of people call these games overrated because tons of other people buy and love them... I fail yo see how they are "Overrated" can you just admit you don't like a game instead of saying the entirety of people that do just have bad taste?
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#2servb0tsPosted 7/1/2013 7:41:27 PM
lot of words are being overused.

overrated, weeaboo, emo, pedo, pew-pew, u mad?, fanboy, troll, deal with it....ect ect. lol.
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