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Its time to move out of the 1990s.. FF7 isnt great anymore

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  3. Its time to move out of the 1990s.. FF7 isnt great anymore
2 years ago#1
wake up. this is 2013. we are in the ps3 era and soon the ps4 era. learn to embrace change. learn to adapt. ff13-3 is coming out and it will be good. ff7 was good was good...for over a decade. but now its finally time to let go and stop living in the 1990s and hanging your head dejectively, and pushing away everything new.
**** NO!
its time to embrace the new age, the new dawn of an era. an era of final fantasy XIII and XIV and XV and 10 again...wait ignore that one. dont buy the hd port either, just buy ff13-3 and move on :)
2 years ago#2
It was never great.

And FF13 was never good.
2 years ago#3
It's still good.

But so is the XIII trilogy. So whatev
2 years ago#4
Okay Retroxgamer
2 years ago#5
ViewtifulHustla posted...
Okay Retroxgamer

Don't forget his alt/diceblower pepsi.
2 years ago#6
FF7 was good?

I'm not calling you a liar sir. But you sir are a liar.
I still don't believe most people on gamefaqs are even gamers. Just assuming they are embodiments of hate and stupidity taking digital form.
2 years ago#7
13-2 wasnt bad and I'll probably buy LR day one.

But FF7 is still a great game that has aged great. Graphics are the only thing that hasn't aged perfectly.
'Come fight beside me,' I said to myself, and although it doesn't make sense, I held my own hand as a small sign of trust, and together I made my defense.
2 years ago#8
So between this topic and the other I think it's time TC watched Tropic Thunder.
2 years ago#9
GameFAQs: a place where good games become bad.
Random quote from random game/movie/book/whatever no one really cares of.
Official nobody in no boards. PSN ID: Lance_87 (looking for Soul Calibur IV honors)
2 years ago#10
AnonUnknown posted...
GameFAQs: a place where good games become bad.

i love the power glove. its so bad.
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  3. Its time to move out of the 1990s.. FF7 isnt great anymore

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