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m8s when is Spelunky coming to PSN?

#11aneed4peed(Topic Creator)Posted 7/7/2013 8:27:00 AM
Bat178 posted...
I bought Spelunker HD thinking it was Spelunky... man, that was a bad mistake.

Almost did that myself lol! I saw some vids of Spelunky on youtube and immediately rushed to the PS store to go and buy it. Search only showed Spelunker, not Spelunky, and I was very close to confirming purchase.

Had a look online and saw that it was PC and X360 only and that it was coming to the PS3 in summer 2013 (which is right now imo but oh well), decided to wait... patiently.

I am amusing myself with Rogue Legacy atm, PC only but an amazing platformer.
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#12ZeroJinKuiPosted 7/8/2013 2:45:59 PM
rogue legacy really should come to consoles... since sony is open to indie games now, i dont see why so many of them are only coming to PC... the console market is huge, too.

magicka was actually supposed to come to consoles, too... the developers themselves even said the game belongs on consoles... but for some reason, sony and microsoft have never done anything with it.

so many indie games that belong on consoles, yet they're ignored...
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