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People that think older games didn't have good stories probably hate reading.

#11PunkMcThrustPosted 7/9/2013 3:05:19 AM
It's not very often you get a game with a truly great story anyways.
I can only think of Eastern Mind, FFVII, MGS2, Ghost Trick, and Deadly Premonition.
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#12mad_hax_manPosted 7/9/2013 3:36:03 AM
CelestialMind posted...
I don't why it keeps getting brought up games this gen have better stories and story telling when it's not true at all. Some of the best video game stories were definitely in the SNES-PS2 timespan.

It's just you had to actually, you know read a bit of dialogue, everything wasn't VAed so I can understand those with short attention spans and/or those that hate reading assuming old games didn't have good stories.

It's a shame people mistake flash for substance this gen.

Yay. The desperate style over substance argument. The sure sign of someone who wants to sound smarter than the average bear, but has nothing to back it up.

The simple fact of the matter, as time and technology has moved on the tools available to to fell stories in video games has increased. The ability to see a character his hurt via his facial expressions, or by the tone of his voice mitigates the need for dialogue in which the characters just announce how they feel, as well as giving them a larger range of expressions. This isn't just in terms of pure graphics either. With every experiment in VG story telling, the community as whole gains more and more knowledge of interactive story telling. Someone one working in the PS3 era, for example, can take inspiration from games like ICO, Silent Hill 2 etc etc.

Story telling is all about turning style into substance.

This doesn't meant every VG story now days beats every VG story from previous generations, or that there haven't been any drawbacks from this increase in technology (largely Hollywood envy). But in general, the best story telling of this generation trumps the best story telling from previous generations,

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#13NightwishPosted 7/9/2013 3:45:07 AM
Orcinus_Tooth posted...
Nightwish posted...
Reading is outdated, just like turn based RPGs.

And do you use a voice assistance program to read out loud what you're currently reading?

No way, unless I'm mindlessly shooting things and have the story spoon fed to me I'm not interested.
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#14CyborgTwentyPosted 7/13/2013 3:53:03 AM
So we evolved from interactive books during the SNES era to interactive movies now?
#15Bloodlines1191Posted 7/13/2013 3:56:24 AM
CyborgTwenty posted...
So we evolved from interactive books during the SNES era to interactive movies now?

Shenmue and Dreamfall = Interactive Movies
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