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Mirror's Edge is Pretty God Damn Nifty!!!

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3 years ago#1
Been rocking this baby in a super-sweet 1080p60 via badass gaming pc, and I gotta say it's pretty cool of a game!

The animated cut-scenes sure do suck visually, but the in-game models looks amazing, the city .looks incredible as well, what a cool art style!

I musta played this bad boy for 6 hours straight yesterday, what a rush!

The platforming looks amazing, true it can seem to malfunction at times though, which gets annoying when you're sent back to the same checkpoint for the 15th time, but hey bein a runner aint easy baby!

I'm pretty far and still haven't fired a single shot at anyone cuz that's how big my stones are, melee/disarm all the way baby.

Glad to know a sequel is in the works!
3 years ago#2
It is a very good game. I got a bit frustrated towards the end as it becomes harder to avoid shooting, but other than that I had a very good time as well.
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3 years ago#3
What part are you up to? There's one part in particular I remember that's a ***** and a half to do with disarm/melee only for that achievement/trophy
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3 years ago#4
ne of my favs this gen and to this day is one of the few that felt "next gen" when playing it so early on.

what most ppl don't know is the tech used and created for ME(first person movement, climbing etc etc) has been now used in tons of games, from BF to even cod.....most ppl aren't aware just how many games have been made better with the tech and time that went into making ME.....a lot of cool info in the CE booklet

Don't forget the story is only a introduction to the mechinacs and gameplay, the meat and real challenge of the game and where you should get the most time invested is in the trials....that's where the game really clicks and becomes special, when you start making perfect runs, theres nothing else like it or the feeling it gives

The second is coming sometime in the future and is powered by the frostbite 3 engine!
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3 years ago#5
I haven't bothered with any trials yet, I hate time trials in games! Devs, let me take my time damnit!

It really does seem next-gen, bein all 1080p and 60fps, WOW, so glad I never ruined the game for myself by playing the shoddy console ports (I did play the X360 demo though), can't wait to see what's kicking in the sequel!

They better get rid of the ugly storyboard style cut-scenes though, the in-game models are incredible, they really should have put in the time and effort to use those instead!
3 years ago#6
The sequel is pretty much the thing I'm most excited for from the next generation. I don't feel much of a need to run out and buy a new console until this releases.
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3 years ago#7
MalifacentX posted...
The sequel is pretty much the thing I'm most excited for from the next generation. I don't feel much of a need to run out and buy a new console until this releases.

Frostbite 3 engine!!!!!! can only imagine how sick this game will be!
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3 years ago#8
I currently kill to see two things related to Mirror's Edge:

1. I want to play the original, in 3D, on my computer. I just think it would be incredible. It supports it, too, I just need a 3D tv, a good enough graphics card for it (which I think mine might be a bit on the weak side), and the actual game itself for PC.

2. I want to try playing it with one of those Oculus Rift things. Talk about a mind****.
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3 years ago#9
Oh, for the guy above who asked, the part I was at when I forced myself to stop playing at 3am last night, was on the rooftop at night with all those goddamn snipers (AND backup guys!?!?).

You talk about hair-pulling.
3 years ago#10
Mirror's Edge is great, and it's a shame that it's sequel is (as far as I know) not going to appear on this generations hardware. Alright, if it genuinely can't be run on today's tech. because it would be too demanding, then fair enough (I don't want them to nerf the game simply to make more sales), but all too often 'next gen.' games are only beyond current generation machines in graphics, and nothing else, and if ME2 could run on the PS3 with nothing lowered from the PS3 version except the graphics then I'd love to see a PS3 version.

On the other hand, if it really does use the next generation hardware properly, then it would be one real season for me to buy a next generation console, as at the moment I'm not too bothered - to me the PS3 (and XBox 360) are still more than capable of delivering first class games.
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