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In your most honest answer,how old do you think you'll stop gaming?

#1SkiethXInnisPosted 7/17/2013 3:23:30 PM
I'm 21 and I don't see myself stopping soon,but I don't want to be a old man thinking about the release date of Final Fantasy 60 LOL
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#2plasticman13Posted 7/17/2013 3:25:53 PM
Probably never. But the frequency at which I play will decrease as I get older and have more responsibilities.
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#3RafedxPosted 7/17/2013 3:26:57 PM
SkiethXInnis posted...
I'm 21 and I don't see myself stopping soon,but I don't want to be a old man thinking about the release date of Final Fantasy 60 LOL

I am 29 and have been gaming since I was like 5 or something. The only time I will stop is when I am dead.......or if everything just turns to **** and it just isn't worth it anymore, all I will do then is start playing old games.
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#4Mindwipe77Posted 7/17/2013 3:29:17 PM
50 might be a good stopping point for me depending on where gaming is at by then, if everything is all digital by then then quitting will be an easy choice, i'll always play the systems and games i have previously collected though until i can no longer hold a controller. I probably wont play handhelds in public though
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#5SauceyWombatPosted 7/17/2013 3:29:57 PM
I'll stop when I'm unable to hold a controller or mouse + keyboard. Some people watch soap operas, some people are bookworms, some people are audiophiles, etc., etc., etc.

I play video games.
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#6langystarPosted 7/17/2013 3:31:10 PM
I know my gaming has already decreased with working a full time job and having other things to do but I don't think I'll ever just stop but I can no longer play like I use to
#7Shy420Posted 7/17/2013 3:37:48 PM
My honest feeling about this is that you should stop gaming when you graduate high school then start gaming again in your 30's or early 40's. Take those years to experience people and places. No game I've ever played is half as much fun as I've had traveling and meeting people.
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#8ab2c4Posted 7/17/2013 3:42:19 PM
Only when I die, I am 42 now.
#9Godly_GoofPosted 7/17/2013 3:43:59 PM
I'm 23 now, I started gaming when I was 2 years old (litterally. not an exaggeration lol) and although my gaming time has declined DRASTICALLY since in working a 6-7 day a week full time job and usually 10-14 hour days. But I doubt I'll ever stop. Especially as long as my wife stays obsessed with gaming as she has been lol.
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#10LikeTheSaltPosted 7/17/2013 3:52:13 PM
When I'm dead. I'm 35 now and have no plans of stopping. My playing time has decreased over the years with a career, wife, kid, and all that goes along with that, but gaming has been my favorite form of entertainment for 30 years now. I don't see that changing.
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