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Looks like we are gonna get a sequel to Tomb Raider

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User Info: zerooo0

3 years ago#1

The new series, simply titled Tomb Raider, begins a few weeks after the conclusion of the game and is designed to lead directly into the eventual sequel (which at least reiterates the idea that there will be a sequel). The series joins other current video game tie-ins at Dark Horse like the various Mass Effect mini-series and The Last of Us: American Dreams.

It would seem odd to make a sequel for a game that didn't make Square Enix profit, but they get my respect for just cancelling any future Tomb Raider projects like they could have done.
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User Info: TheTenth10

3 years ago#2
will it actually be an adventuring game with platforming and riddles? or a shooter with drama

User Info: uthoria205

3 years ago#3
Awesome, this OG TR fan loved TR
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User Info: DarkSymbiote

3 years ago#4
Good. Don't bother with multiplayer or Rihanna Pratchet this time, SE.
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User Info: Rygon

3 years ago#5
Good. I prefer this new rebooted series and now Tomb Raider can be popular again.

User Info: raintree_leaf

3 years ago#6
Great. I love the new Tomb Raider to bits, and I hope they can maybe introduce a little more puzzles. The possible change in atmosphere, as compared to the gloomy one in the reboot, might just entice brain dead, cod-loving, shallow young gamers. Otherwise great news.
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User Info: A_Nonny_Moose

3 years ago#7
Hopefully it'll be in the same style as the other CD TR titles this time. Seriously, do a lock-on shooter. It's been so long since there was a high profile lock-on shooter most people would probably think it's an entirely new idea.

User Info: DeliFlatChest

3 years ago#8
Didn't squeenix say it "Failed" ?
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User Info: Ghost_Beast

3 years ago#9
TheTenth10 posted...
a shooter with drama


Tomb Raider is now generic chunky junk (in my opinion). Now there's hardly anything that sets this apart from the other games.
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User Info: Fray_Maken

3 years ago#10
DeliFlatChest posted...
Didn't squeenix say it "Failed" ?

It did, in the sense it didn't even break even.
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