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What will be your last purchase for PS3?

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User Info: DevilTears604

3 years ago#1
So what will the last game you buy for the PS3 be before moving on to the PS4 or whatever you decide to get next?

Mine will probably be Batman: Arkham Origins. I'm pretty much settled into getting GTA V, AC4, and AO and that'll be it for me until I get the PS4.
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User Info: Paragon-57

3 years ago#2
Impossible for me to say.
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User Info: zyrax2301

3 years ago#3
All that I am still looking forward to on PS3 is Arkham Origins, GTA V and Dark Souls whichever one of those is the last one I buy before getting a PS4 I guess.
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User Info: GamerRaf

3 years ago#4
My last purchase is going to be Lightning returns. Most likely will be the last good PS3 game to come out in 2014.
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User Info: themegaman7

3 years ago#5
Impossible to say.

Future releases I'm interested are:
Final Fantasy X HD
Kingdom Hearts 1 HD
Tales of Symphonia HD
Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma

I also recently gave Disgaea 3 another shot and I'm enjoying it WAY more than on my first attempt, which might prompt me to get Disgaea 4 as well.

And considering my crappy financial situation it's impossible to say in which order I'm getting all this stuff.
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User Info: Drumiester

3 years ago#6
Since I reckon Kingdom Hearts 2.5 will be on PS3, it will probably be that.
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User Info: tennis99

3 years ago#7
CoD Ghosts


3 years ago#8
At the rate Japan is going I don't know. It's gonna be a few years.

User Info: freesith

3 years ago#9
Dark Souls 2
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User Info: Dicer7

3 years ago#10
MGSV most likely.

Just seems fitting since MGS4 was my first.
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