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Which non-VII Final Fantasy game would you like to see get remastered?

#171Spiroth_KweehhPosted 8/9/2013 10:39:28 AM
Caldor posted...
I want to see FFV and VI get the PSP treatment that I, II and IV got. Dunno what the hold up is though and since they'd probably be the GBA version it shouldn't be too hard to do.

FINAL FANTASY V already had the Anniversary treatment months ago.
FINAL FANTASY VI will too, but probably next year (FINAL FANTASY VI 20th Anniversary).

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#172Eushie_MooglePosted 8/9/2013 10:39:52 AM
I'd go with V, VI or IX
#173Spiroth_KweehhPosted 8/9/2013 10:42:54 AM
BahamutBBob posted...
If they skip FF5 I'll be legit disappointed.

Not my top choice, but I enjoyed it and would like to see it get the FF1/2 Anniversary and FF4 Complete treatment.

My top choice would probably be FF6.

As I said above, it already had the Anniversary treatment.
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#174kzooanimalPosted 8/9/2013 11:05:32 AM
I would spend money on a tactics remake
#175Mr_HakubiPosted 8/9/2013 11:09:31 AM
I want a console version of Dissidia. Between the mainline games though give me a another VIII. Love that game.
#176soonerpike697Posted 8/9/2013 11:11:40 AM
RogueVIII posted...
6. I never played it back in the day, and people claim it's better than 7. Would be hard get into it today given the distance in technology, so a remake would create an opportunity for new age gamers to experience the games full potential.

Come on dude, RPGs are about the story not graphics. Give the game a shot...
#177hyperskate65Posted 8/9/2013 11:14:55 AM
Tactics Advance.
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#178oldgamingfanPosted 8/9/2013 11:20:39 AM
final fantasy 6 for sure i still play my old snes copy to this day it would be awsome if they remastered it
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#179TrueGBPosted 8/9/2013 11:28:07 AM
I would love to play the FF12 international version some day. I hear the dedicated job system makes things a whole lot more interesting.
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#180Allen TaxPosted 8/13/2013 12:01:39 PM
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