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Your Favorite Game On Every Console? (1 game per console only)

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User Info: EmiliaTheSage

3 years ago#1
NES - Megaman 2
SNES - Super Street Fighter 2
PS1 - Resident Evil 2
PS2 - Devil May Cry 3
PS3 - Final Fantasy XIII

I can't decide my favorite games on other consoles yet.
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User Info: servb0ts

3 years ago#2
hm 1 sec

Old School.

Arcade-Dance Dance Revolution Super Nova 2.
Atari-Mrs. Pacman.
Atari Lynxs handheld~Viking.
Intellivision-Doctor's Body, killing virus like astroid shooter.


NES-River City Ransom.
SNES-Super Metroid~Best ending ever on SNES.
GBA-Castlevania Aria of Sorrow.
DSlite-Castlevania Dawn of Sorrow.
3DS-(Megaman Legends 3 cancelled). so picked Theatrhythm Final Fantasy.
N64-Zelda OOT.
GameCube-Super Smash Brother Melee.
Wii-Ware-Super Mario Brothers 3.
Wii-Metroid PrimeTrilogy.
WiiU-Zelda Wind Waker HD, coming out an my favorite Zelda game.


PSP3000-Hatsune Miku Project Diva 1.
PS1-Misadventures of Tron Bonne.
PS2-Fatal Frame Trilogy.
PS3-IDOLM@STER 2 until Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn august 27th.
PSN-Sound Shapes.
Vita-Gravity Rush.


Genesis-Streets of Rage 2.
DreamCast-Project Justice.

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User Info: DarkSymbiote

3 years ago#3
MSX2 - Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake
NES - Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse (Japanese version)
Arcade - The Punisher
SNES - Final Fantasy VI
Mega Drive - Contra: The Hard Corps
PC - Deus Ex
PS1 - Final Fantasy VII
PS2 - Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
PS3 - Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots
Xbox - Jade Empire
Xbox 360 - The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion
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User Info: SocomsFilth

3 years ago#4
NES - blades of steel
SNES- chrono trigger
ps1 - metal gear solid
ps2- final fantasy 12
ps3- the last of us
xbox- halo 2
xbox 360- cod4(during its time) otherwise dark souls
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User Info: boxington

3 years ago#5
NES - Super Mario Bros. 3
Genesis - Eternal Champions
PSX - Blood Omen, I guess
PS2 - Killer 7
PS3 - Max Payne 3

User Info: Bleachfreak7

3 years ago#6
Gameboy Color - Pokemon Gold
GBA - Yoshi's Island
GC - Super Smash Bros Melee
Wii - Goldeneye
DS - The World Ends With You
3DS - Virtues Last Rewward
PS1 - Final Fantasy 9
PS2 - Persona 3: FES
PSP - Persona 3 Portable
Vita - Persona 4 Golden
PS3 - Dark Souls
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User Info: toadieman

3 years ago#7
NES - River City Ransom
Genesis - Streets of Rage 2
SNES - Link to the Past
Gamecube - Paper Mario Thousand Year Door
PS1 - Final Fantasy 9
PS2 - Resident Evil 4
PS3 - Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2
Gameboy - Link's Awakening
DS - Dragon Quest 9
PSP - Tactics Ogre
3DS - Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate
Vita - Persona 4 Golden
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User Info: theshoveller

3 years ago#8
As they currently stand:

VIC-20 - Cavity Crusaders (since it's the only one I remember, short of this face-making game.)
Commodore 64 - Spider-Man and Captain America in Doctor Doom's Revenge
Atari 2600 - probably Combat!
NES - Blaster Master
Mega System - I'm drawing a blank on the name, but it's basically a Metroid-like game, based off an anime. I want to say something like Ruby Bullet?
Genesis - Phantasy Star 4
PSX - Mega Man X4
Sega Saturn - Burning Rangers
N64 - Wonder Project J2
Dreamcast - Record of Lodoss War
PS2 - Mega Man X8
Xbox - Halo 2
Gamecube - Tales of Symphonia
Wii - Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles (Darkside Chronicles had too shaky a camera for my tastes, especially when you needed precision aim)
PS3 - Dragon Age Origins
Xbox 360 - Mass Effect Trilogy (I cheated here, so sue me.)
Game Boy - Metroid II: The Return of Samus
Game Gear - Captain America & The Avengers
Game Boy Advance - Metroid: Zero Mission
Nintendo DS - 999
PSP - Phantasy Star Portable 2
3DS - Ocarina of Time 3D
Vita - Gravity Daze
PC (pre-2000) - Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II
PC (2000 - current) - Skyrim
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User Info: arclouks_x

3 years ago#9
snes- zelda lttp
n64-ocarina of time
gamecube- metroid prime 1 or 2 cant pick
wii- ssb brawl
Gbc-pokemon yellow
gba- pokemon emerald
ds-pokemon black
3ds- Ocarina of time
ps3-mass effect 2
360-Gears of war 3(only game i've finished on a 360)
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User Info: Varron

3 years ago#10
NES: Mario 3
SNES: Super Metroid
N64: Ocarina of Time

Genesis: Sonic 3
Dreamcast: Soul Calibur (only game I played)

PS1: Legend of Dragoon
PS2: Yakuza 2
PSN: Snippuh
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