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Resident Evil 6: Capcom says next game will return to series roots

#51jammitinPosted 8/16/2013 4:26:29 PM
Then when RE7 comes out and it still has no horror and all action Capcom will be all like "The NEXT game will get back to the series roots". I've given up on RE. Capcom just needs to totally reboot it at this point. Ditch all the old continuity and characters. Bring back nothing but the zombies and other monsters like Lickers and make it horror. No "infected or crazed humans" no hardcore third person action shooter stuff that the series turned into.
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#52stawg007Posted 8/16/2013 4:34:58 PM
xenosaga123 posted...
Great_Pudding_3 posted...
Shinji Mikami isnt there anymore so who cares.

Mikami is overrated. even FF's Sakaguchi has shown that brilliant developers don't always have good thing.

PN03, RE Zero and RE4 shows how flawed Mikami really is.

RE4 being one of the worst and overrated REs in the series.
It's only praised because it's every Leon fanatic's idea of a great RE.

RE2 is one of my favourite games ever and I loved 'RE4 so stop with that idiotic nonsense

And weren't you the guy that was claiming Operation Raccoon City was the multiplayer game of the generation or something along those lines? Ha
#53KerimSamaPosted 8/16/2013 6:22:14 PM
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este914 posted...
I hope they release the "Gold Edition" for RE6 sometime soon.

no theyre busy making ultra street fighter iv arcade ex alpha hyper edition