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help a girl out! Which console should i get COD:Ghosts for

#1xerogamePosted 8/15/2013 7:34:38 PM
I have both PS3 and xbox live really worth paying for one game?
Or should i just get it for ps3?
#2mmpepsiPosted 8/15/2013 7:37:27 PM
Dude confirmed.

Get it for Xbox like all your frat buddies.
#3VarronPosted 8/15/2013 7:38:00 PM
Get it for Wii U
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#4KingTykeem187Posted 8/15/2013 7:38:11 PM
Just get the game on the console you play the most.
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#5JohnHitman47Posted 8/15/2013 7:40:06 PM(edited)
CoD ghost? get it for the Ouya,
I think its medal of honor warfighter 2.
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