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Most overrated games ever?

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3 years ago#1
The Last of Us is certainly number 1 contender...
3 years ago#2
See for me personally it's Super Mario 64. I just was not impressed and found it to have an empty depressing vibe that I had never seen before in a Super Mario game.

Other than that choice it's any Zelda game past Zelda Ocarina of Time because since that game remade them they have just turned into a formula that I only found fun with Ocarina.
3 years ago#3
Stop joking please, these games are masterpieces unlike TLOU.
3 years ago#4
Final Fantasy X and all of the Kingdom Hearts games. Minecraft and Portal are also up there as well.
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3 years ago#5
3 years ago#6
Anything good, or remotely enjoyed is overrated. You know what's not overrated? This last gen game youve probably never heard of that I always liked... even though last gen I called it overrated.
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3 years ago#7
Majora's Mask was equally as good as OoT, but that's just be honest I can't stand any of the "Chibi" Link games. I loathe the artwork, it makes the Zelda games seem childish. Wind Waker was also such a drag.
3 years ago#8
Hey you're the one that wanted to start an overused topic. Just search Overrated on the PS3 board alone and you will find a hundred clones of this **** everyday. Accept the opinions and be a better man.
3 years ago#9
OoT and FF7
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3 years ago#10
Based on "professional" opinion:
Ocarina of Time
Final Fantasy 7
Super Mario 64/Galaxy

That's the short list
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