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How many years will sony support PS3?

#1firestorm9305Posted 8/19/2013 8:31:05 AM
With the PS4 coming out this year, how many years will Sony continue to suppport the PS3?
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#2este914Posted 8/19/2013 8:32:18 AM
a few more
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#3LamacePosted 8/19/2013 8:50:28 AM(edited)
At least until 2016. But seeing how the PS2 is actually still getting releases, I can see it going until 2019.
#4REMercsChampPosted 8/19/2013 8:52:52 AM
Mid 2014, latest
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#5VigilantStevePosted 8/19/2013 9:02:12 AM
REMercsChamp posted...
Mid 2014, latest

Until mid 2018 at the earliest, based on prior history with PS1 & PS2 support.