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Do you buy games "Used" or "New" on average?

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User Info: SkiethXInnis

3 years ago#1
Used are cheaper,but they may not work...
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User Info: LadyYachiru

3 years ago#2
New. Only buy used if there isn't a new copy available in the store :l
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User Info: Muv-Luv

3 years ago#3

User Info: kel25

3 years ago#4

The only time I buy used is if I can't find the game new or people are charging an absurd price for the new game. Typically this only happens with games from previous generations.

User Info: ninjakraken

3 years ago#5
New. The price difference I have seen between new and used is not that much.
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User Info: Shadow Reaver

Shadow Reaver
3 years ago#6
i only buy used when the save file is "copying prohibited" otherwise strictly new.
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User Info: LeJonGriff

3 years ago#7
I always buy new. Although I have a lot of used games, because I tend to trade a lot of my games via craigslist and whatnot.
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User Info: Dicer7

3 years ago#8
New. Though I'm not against buying used.

User Info: zyrax2301

3 years ago#9
New. I only buy used games on impulse or when I am merely "curious" about them - any game I really want to play, I buy at release or as soon as I have time to play it. I don't care about pinching pennies when time is considerably more important to me.

I can't say I've ever bought a used game that didn't work.
Why? Because **** you is why.

User Info: chaos_sage0265

3 years ago#10
New unless it's an extremely old game, or no longer puts money in the developers hands.
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  3. Do you buy games "Used" or "New" on average?

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