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PS3 can't play certain PS1 games?

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3 years ago#1
pretty much all of my PS1 games work/play well on the PS3 except for this one game (Swagman for PS1). It refused to load when I start a new game. However the game works just fine with my PS1 and PS2. Is there any ways to solve this? Or are certain PS1 games just aren't compatible with the PS3?
3 years ago#2
The compatibility isn't 100%.
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3 years ago#3
Most ps1 games wiil play on any ps3. I think the number of non-compatible games is around 5%. However there are several games that will play but will have issues. For example my copy of final fantasy iv from ff anthology has a really annoying screen flashing effect when i play it on my ps3. Gave me a nasty headache so i ended up playing it on my ps2.
3 years ago#4
no emulation is 100% compatible
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