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Just bought a new PS3, have some questions about the harddrive...

#1NavexPosted 9/25/2013 7:08:21 PM
I just bought the GTA V PS3 bundle with the 500GB HD to replace my 60GB fat BC PS3 that sadly died on me after 6 years. I was curious about the HD...can I swap out the 500GB one for the 60GB or can I not do that? I'm not familiar with the new PS3 models now since I've always had my fat BC one since 07 so not sure if the HDs fit or not since I hear the ne models are built differently. And if I can, although I don't think it would, does it void the warranty or anything? Thanks in advance.
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#2tuna-eggPosted 9/25/2013 8:19:57 PM
Are you trying to swap your 60 GB drive TO your new PS3?

PS3's don't use special HDDs so you can swap between them. They're made to be swappable so you will not void your warranty. It's easy to do. I did it with my super slim and I am the worst at doing home DIY stuff.

If you have the super slim, the HDD in there is likely to be one of the thinner laptop HDDs but the regular laptop HDDs will fit just fine.

Take note that unless you do a system backup from your old PS3 (you need a separate HDD to copy data from), your new PS3 will format any HDD that goes into it. So if you were thinking of swapping in the 60 GB to preserve your game saves, you're out of luck.