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Favorite gaming company

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User Info: ShadianVise

3 years ago#21
Retro Studios by far. They haven't made a less-than-phenomenal game ever. Followed shortly by Platinum, and then Valve for being incredibly pro-consumer in a market where nobody else is.
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User Info: kaminarikid

3 years ago#22
Xseed/Marvelous AQL
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User Info: Nujevad

3 years ago#23
-Naughty Dog
-2K/Irrational Games
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User Info: arstos

3 years ago#24
capcom, also my least favorite

User Info: DarknessXSeeker

3 years ago#25
Naughty Dog
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User Info: TRMDYL

3 years ago#26
Konami has my favorite IPs but currently my favorite has to be Quantic Dream.
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User Info: OverlordBahamut

3 years ago#27
SquareSoft (screw SquareEnix!)
and um.........that's about all I can think of.
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