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A video game you enjoyed but wasn't popular.

#1JackyBoyJaneyGiPosted 10/9/2013 10:58:11 PM
The most underrated video game I have ever played is the Dot Hack games on PlayStation 2. It is probably the most addicting video game I have ever played. It's an RPG game set in an online game but you don't actually play online, the game is set in an online game in the game. The game had it all, memorable characters, a storyline that kept you going until the end, intense boss fights, and an RPG that was different from others, you actually got to attack the enemies head on instead of just using commands. It was more realistic and set in real time. You could even control the other characters using chat commands with the simple use of the square button to make them perform different skills or actions. It's an RPG that focused very well on the gameplay. Not to mention, there are five million total levels to explore built directly in the games code, and it isn't random every time. It just baffles me that they can fit five million levels in a 4.27 GB DVD disc on the PlayStation 2. Even if each level took up only 1 kilobyte, it would still take up 5 GB of data which is too much for a PS2 disc. I have no idea how they did it and no it's not random every time. I played a new save file on a different memory card and each level were the same every time. And no, you don't have to play all five million levels, it's just an option. If you want to play these games, it may cost you some money because they are exceptionally rare. There are seven total games in the series, and you can conviantally send all your data from part 1 into part 2 and so on so you don't lose anything. That was a good idea. Unfortunately, they couldn't fit all this data on one disc, that's the only downside.
#2lebronwadeboshPosted 10/9/2013 10:59:54 PM
Castlevania: Curse of Darkness, one of my favorite RPGs ever and there's Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, great emotional game and a spectacular ending.
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#3BruceWayneJrPosted 10/9/2013 11:02:15 PM
Front Mission Evolved
Binary Domain
Alpha Protocol
#4SpurnerPosted 10/9/2013 11:02:22 PM
Wizardry: LoLS

It has no shortage of faults, but I knew what I was getting into and I got my jollies.
#5white windPosted 10/9/2013 11:04:40 PM
Enslaved: Journey to the West
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#6Brocken_JrPosted 10/9/2013 11:07:01 PM
to many to list.

how is curse of darkness a rpg?
#7godslayer61Posted 10/9/2013 11:07:56 PM
mindjack and I had a lot of fun with neverdead , alone in the dark inferno the game was a blast had a ton of fun with it. so to me MINDJACK , NEVERDEAD , ALONE IN THE DARK
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#8PunkMcThrustPosted 10/9/2013 11:08:20 PM
Gladius is one of the best games ever made but sadly is almost completely unknown.
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#9chaosflame108Posted 10/9/2013 11:11:36 PM
Sonic Unleashed. I love that game, the day levels are f****** beast.
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#10lebronwadeboshPosted 10/9/2013 11:11:52 PM
Brocken_Jr posted...
to many to list.

how is curse of darkness a rpg?

Leveling Up
Weapon Crafting
Summoning/Leveling Up of Allies which you could choose whether to fight or heal you.
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