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Post some bad-ass video game music!

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User Info: Axel21x

3 years ago#181
Uchuu ni yume wo... hoshi ni negai wo...
"Yasui! Takai ga, yasui!!"

User Info: Lamace

3 years ago#182

User Info: Demeanor190283

3 years ago#183
There are so many, I don't even know where to start.
Every single one deserves a golden throne in the Olympus of video game music.

Ys 7 - Vacant Interference

Ys 7 - Innocent Primeval Breaker

Sora no Kiseki SC - Gin no Ishi, Kin no Tsubasa

Xenogears - Battle against Deus

Final Fantasy VII - Those Chosen by the Planet

Final Fantasy VII - One-Winged Angel

Atelier Iris - Horned Enigma

Persona 3 - The Battle for Everyone's Souls

Max Anarchy - Here We Go

Max Anarchy - It's All About Me

I could go on FOREVER... XD

User Info: imamelia

3 years ago#184
Well, I think these would fit the description: - Crash Bandicoot 4 (The Wrath of Cortex) - Boss 3: Crashes to Ashes - Der Langrisser: The Legend of the Sword - Donkey Kong Country Returns - Furious Fire - Mario & Luigi: Dream Team - Size Up Your Enemy - Mega Man X6 - Blaze Heatnix Stage - Mega Man X8 - Maverick Battle - Mega Man ZX - Slam Down - MegaMari - Remilia Scarlet Stage - Super Mario RPG - Final Boss (it has an actual title, but it's a spoiler) - Touhou 11: Subterranean Animism - Solar Sect of Mystic Wisdom ~ Nuclear Fusion - Yoshi's Island - Final Boss

Lots of boss themes here. I didn't pick my favorite from each game, just what I thought sounded like some of the most "bad-ass".

User Info: DarkArithmetic

3 years ago#185 - Super Robot Wars - Gate of Magus - Street Fighter X Tekken - Antarctica Theme - Arkham City - Main Theme - FF7 Crisis Core - Chaotic Battlefield - Metal Gear Solid - Mantis Hymn - Sengoku Basara 3 - Violent Quake - Tekken 3 - Forest Law
Black 2 FC: 1679-2467-8932

User Info: indie_animator

3 years ago#186
Let's at least post the game title as well, so we aren't reposting the same thing & we know what to look for when skimming the 19 pages:

God Hand: Too Hot!

Tekken 6 (Scenario Campaign)

KOF13 Tame a Bad Boy

KOF13 Wild Street

I could keep this up all day for brawlers/fighters. *.*
But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing. (James 1:4)

User Info: FatalResonance

3 years ago#187
Secret of Mana - The Oracle
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