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after ff13 what is the second worst rpg this gen?

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3 years ago#11
kewldude475 posted...
FFXIII the worst RPG this gen? squall1981 is a known troll, but man, did people not play Time and Eternity, Last Rebellion, or the shovelware DS and PSP RPG's?

all of which were far superior to FFXIII, sorry to shine some light on your denial.
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3 years ago#12
This is the thread where people with low IQ post their opinions.
3 years ago#13
It isn't the worst, but all those loli games are.
3 years ago#14
Tales of Hearts R
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3 years ago#15
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3 years ago#16
the hyperdimension Neptunia series are the worst rpg's this gen. Every other rpg this gen I could at least stand to actually play it.
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3 years ago#17
FF13 is pretty average for a console JRPG this gen.

Blue Dragon, The Last Rebellion, Enchanted Arms, Time & Eternity and the first Neptunia game are to be avoided. Eternal Sonata and Star Ocean 4 aren't exactly stellar either, but they have their merits.
3 years ago#18
This game, and it's far worse than XIII:
3 years ago#19
Lots of RPGs this gen worse than FF13.

Two Worlds roflstomps FF13.

Last Story is up there too. God that was crap. Ni No Kuni as well. Skyrim is up there.

Or rather, these are all "down" there.
3 years ago#20
FF13 was an RPG? I thought it was an interactive movie game. Kinda like Quantic Dream or Telltale games, but without the good story and characters.
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