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Poll: Which 2014 RPG are you most looking foward to?

#1nintendolandPosted 12/19/2013 1:03:50 PM
Which 2014 RPG release are you most excited about? - Results (717 votes)
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
9.62% (69 votes)
Tales of Symphonia Chronicles
7.39% (53 votes)
South Park: The Stick of Truth
15.76% (113 votes)
Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster
14.23% (102 votes)
Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix
10.88% (78 votes)
Tales of Xillia 2
15.48% (111 votes)
26.64% (191 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I know I've missed a few, but there are too many to list.
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#2AlltraPosted 12/19/2013 1:06:53 PM(edited)

There are three in particular I'm waiting on right now:

Bound By Flame
Child of Light
The Dark Eye: Demonicon

Of those 3, I think I'm most excited for Bound By Flame.

Of course, all of that goes out the window if FFXV gets a 2014 release, but I don't see that happening.
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#3PolishCockatielPosted 12/19/2013 1:08:38 PM
I came into here thinking "watch TC name a bunch of traditional styled JRPGs"

And I was right!

He didn't even fill up all the poll slots ;_;
#4thefabregas22Posted 12/19/2013 1:08:55 PM
Is persona 5 2014? Is so

Persona 5
Monolith softs X
Shin megami tensei cross fire emblem.
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#5Thor61Posted 12/19/2013 1:10:19 PM
None of those games. Darks Souls 2 or Persona 5
#6toadiemanPosted 12/19/2013 1:10:57 PM
Bravely Default
#7SpreadDemLegsPosted 12/19/2013 1:11:49 PM
Bound By Flame over The Witcher 3? Hells no.
#8thefabregas22Posted 12/19/2013 1:12:03 PM
toadieman posted...
Bravely Default

isn't that already out?
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#9AlltraPosted 12/19/2013 1:14:28 PM(edited)
Not interested in Witcher 3, because I don't play games on a PC, and I'm not getting a PS4 anytime soon.

Besides, the Witcher series really doesn't interest me all that much.
"Cute" is a kiddy euphemism for "Sexy".
Online is the worst thing to happen to gaming.
#10crazyj10Posted 12/19/2013 1:14:08 PM
Dark Souls II (As we're actually getting a western release in 2014)

Persona 5 has an interesting premise, but I'm sure we ain't seeing that until 2015.
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