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Welcome back to the world of console gaming

#1shivah41Posted 12/29/2013 1:21:18 AM
My PS3 broke a few years back and i've been without a console system until i bought a used system off a friend in october. Been on a video game binge ever since. System broke right before ffxiii-2 came out so i played through xiii for a story refresher then bought xiii-2 and played through that. Messed around with some of the games that were sold with the system. Then i picked up kingdom hearts remastered and ffxiv realm reborn for 20 apiece on black friday. knocked out kingdom hearts/chain of memories in time for christmas. Got Beyond: 2 Souls and the Last of Us as christmas gifts. Beyond....check! Now i'm on The Last of Us.....just started. I'm not gonna get sucked into an mmo until i'm done with the other ones even though i really want to see what realm reborn is like. Oh and i've been trying to go on this binge while working 9hr days 6 days a week. Looks like it will be back to 8hrs 5 days a week now though....thank god. I really want more time to game.

While i'm posting i was wondering if anyone could give me any game recommendations. I tend to prefer rpg's.....chrono cross, kingdom hearts, ff (ect) However i did enjoy Beyond despite the lack of game play. I'm a sucker for story driven games. I do not like shooters and the only combat game i could stomach was soul calibur. I prefer to go solo when gaming with the exception of mmo's. Is there a bad ass rpg out there on the same level as ff and kingdom hearts that has escaped me? Oh i do also have elder scrolls: oblivion. Didn't have much time to mess around with it before my ps3 broke and when i replaced it ff, kingdom hearts and my xmas presents kind of took priority.
#2emo_angel11Posted 12/29/2013 8:17:36 AM(edited)
tales of graces f
tales of xillia
disgaea series
eternal sonata
valkyria chronicles
resonance of fate
dragons crown
atelier series
enchanted arms
ni no kuni

up coming
tales of symphonia HD (feb 25)
final fantasy X/X2 HD (march 18)
tales of xillia 2
kingdom hearts 2.5
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#3shivah41(Topic Creator)Posted 12/29/2013 10:25:09 AM
oh i def plan on getting the upcoming remastered kingdom hearts and ffx/x2 (though i don't really care for x-2 all that much) Lightning Returns is also on my list.

Thanks for your suggestions. Will have to look into some of those.
#4emo_angel11Posted 12/29/2013 10:29:58 AM
you are welcome and welcome back on console gaming
i dont need to "GET A LIFE" I'm a gamer I have lot of lives