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What games you bought from the 14 for 14 sale so far?

#11jammiesPosted 1/20/2014 3:27:50 AM
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#12bigtiggie23Posted 1/20/2014 4:46:25 AM
Tales of Xillia

Between that and Bioshock Infinite for free I should be covered until FFX HD gets here.
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#13RyuVegasPosted 1/20/2014 5:40:56 AM
kingdrake2 posted...
blood dragon

But unlike the guy I quoted where his physical releases are slowing him down and giving him hiccups in his game playing mine is a digital problem. All because of these kinds of sales too! And Then throw on PS+ Free games and I'm like trying to play 10-15 games I have DLed, most all in the last month alone. >_<
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#14harcoreblazerPosted 1/20/2014 6:00:58 AM
Tales of Xillia
Crysis 3
Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon.
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#15diabolicalPosted 1/20/2014 6:04:15 AM
Blood Dragon
Tales of Xillia
Crysis 3

Not too sure about the last few but I couldn't resist the prices.